Saturday, March 1, 2008

Quiting A Couple Sites

I have decided to drop a couple of my Gpt sites because either I don't use them anymore or their offers became to low to even be worth doing them. I have dropped RaidTheBank because they had the same offers all the other gpt sites have or offers that I have already completed and cannot cannot complete again. I have also quit GreedSite, well technically i didn't quit, they basically disappeared without any notice. I was planning on quiting that site anyway since their offers where really really low compared to other sites and it was just disorganized, the only reason I stayed was for the referral bonuses, I got 25% of my first referrals and 10% of my second referrals. I am also contemplating if i want to quit BeachBums and AnythingFree4You. I am planning on trying to cash out with BeachBums first before dropping them, but I'm not sure about Anything4You since their minimum is $20.00 and BeachBums is only $10. I am a couple dollars away on BeachBums so I think that one would be more worth it. In the near future I might also be dropping a couple more I am a member of, not exactly sure which other ones yet but I have a couple ideas. After joining a lot of Gpt sites I am learning that a lot of them are a waste compared to others or that I can't keep up with so many of them. I don't know how people that signup with 20 gpt programs can keep up with them unless they are completing the same offers over again or just relying on referrals.


MsFit said...

Like your blog.
I say stick with anythingfree4you.
You can cash out at just $1 if you just use the paid to click section.
I just cashed out and they sent the payment really fast!
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Keep in touch!


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