Friday, May 30, 2008

Canadian Coupon Site

I just stumbled upon a coupon site called Save.Ca, this is a coupon site directed towards people living in Canada. Sometimes finding coupons can be hard especially if you don't live in the US, there are more sites that cater to the US than other sites. Save.Ca offers coupons for free all you have to do is choose your Province, click on the coupons you want, press the "Get My Coupons" button and your coupons are mailed to you on the next business day. After you receive the coupons you can use them at supermarkets nationwide. This service is FREE, you don't have to pay them for postage costs or anything! This is because they help packaged goods manufacturers introduce their high-quality brands to Canadian consumers by providing a forum where they can showcase their products, provide information and offer consumers great savings. Save.Ca revenues are generated through the manufacturers who are charged a nominal fee for coupons printed and mailed on their behalf. Visit Save.Ca now to get your coupons!
Save.Ca is one of the very few sites on the World Wide Web that does not require you to provide any personal information prior to seeing what we have to offer you. If you want our free coupons, only then do we ask you to provide a mailing address. You don’t need to register and you don’t even need to have a user name and password like most sites on the Internet.