Thursday, May 15, 2008

How to Save Money on Apparel

When going shopping for apparel, accessories and shoes you want them not only to look nice but also be a good price. Here a are couple things you can do to make your buck stretch that extra mile.
  1. If you find coupons in the inserts of your newspaper for stores you visit regularly save them until there is a sale.
  2. Shop clearance! Most of the time you find some good shirts, shorts, pants ect. when you shop in the clearance section.
  3. If you have a clothing store you shop at regularly you might want to get a credit card through them depending on what they offer. Some stores offer discounts on certain days throughout the month.
  4. Pick a day when you know there is going to be an upcoming sale and use it to your advantage, I know I do.
  5. If you have a friend working at your favorite store they can update you on sales that are coming up. And if your friend is really great you can ask them to put some stuff on hold for you. For instance if he knows regular or clearance items are going to drop more in price in the next couple days you may want to wait off on buying it then.