Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mail Call! -Trojan, Dove and GoodNites

Here goes another Mail Call! I got these in the mail today.

The GoodNites were from Wal-Mart. My son isn't quiet in the stage of wetting the bed since I am still working on potty training, but when he is in that stage I will have something on hand!

I also think this sample was from Wal-Mart as well. I wanted to try this sample for myself and for my fiancé since we get dry skin, especially during the winter. So far it seems to work well and it smells good too! If you sent out for one you should receive yours soon if not already.

I posted this Trojan freebie not too long ago. You could choose from 3 different types of condoms, I had already tried the other two so I went with Magnum. i receive it within the time they stated, which is nice since some freebies seems like they take forever to get here. So if you haven't gotten a free sample yet you still have a chance to get one since the link is still working - just go here!