Tuesday, May 27, 2008

VioNexus Hand Sanitizer Sample

Want to wash your hands on the go, but don't have time to stop or you don't have any soap and water on hand? No Problem! VioNexus has got you covered. VioNexus is a hand sanitizer and they are currently offering a free sample of it in a convenient spray bottle, click here to get yours. I love free samples of hand sanitizers they always come in handy especially when you have a little one running around! Kids are always touching everything and putting their hands in their mouth, gross. Not to mention how many things we touch in general, handles are usually covered in more germs than a toliet seat, now thats scarey! so hurry and get your sample now!

  • Kills germs and cleans skin without running water
  • Emollients help prevent dry, irritated skin and leave hands feeling soft
  • No water or towels needed, eliminating cross contamination
  • Free sample is available to U.S.