Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Free Litter Bag!

Litter isn’t cool. Especially when 827 million pieces are accumulating on Texas roadways every year. We know. We counted. That’s why Don’t Mess with Texas is offering free limited-edition litterbags to everyone in Texas in an effort to get a litterbag in every car.
Step it up, people. Did you know that one out of every two of us litters? That’s messed up. And lazy. But you and your friends have the power to stop the madness by simply getting involved. Whether it’s using a litterbag in your car or cleaning up your school’s campus, keeping Texas litter-free is pretty freakin’ easy. Just find something that’s right for you and step up.

Get your litter bag here - TEXAS ONLY!
One free litter bag per person

Requested merchandise cannot be sold by requestor for personal gain. The selling of items infringes on the U.S. Trademark parameters for the logo.

Bag your trash and keep Texas litter-free with our Don't Mess with Texas car litterbag.


MsFit said...

wow this one is an awesome one.
thank goodness i'm in texas (: