Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Get Rewarded For Using Coupons


If you aren't already a member of Mypoints you most certainly should jump on the band wagon! Mypoints is a rewards program where you can earn points by shopping online, completing surveys, reading your email and printing coupons! Yes that right, you get point for printing and using coupons. When I heard about this feature I thought it was great, I'm already printing and using coupons so why not be rewarded while doing it?

They host coupons through Coupons.com and through Smartsource.com, So if you see a coupon on one of those sites might as well go through Mypoints and get rewarded! You will ear 10 points for every Coupons.com coupon you print and redeem, plus earn 25 bonus points when you print and redeem 10 or more coupons in a month from both Smartsource.com and Coupons.com.

It's that simple!

If you want to earn more you can also complete surveys, they are usually 50 points each - even if you don't qualify you are rewarded 10 points. They also have a paid email system as well, for every email you click on you are rewarded 5 points.