Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Listia Auctions for Free Stuff!

I just came across a post about, they are an auction site where you bid on stuff that is free. You get credits when you signup, link to your facebook, link to your twitter, invite friends, list your own auctions and more! I have read that it can be addicting but I am going to dive right in!

I have found a lot of great stuff browsing through the auctions. You can search for auctions in your area, or all over the united states. Some of the auctions also have free shipping, others may ask for you to pay shipping since you are basically getting the item for free! I even ran across a GPS! I have been meaning to get rid of some unwanted things in my house so listing on here would be a good idea, I will get points for selling my stuff as well. The bidder that wins gives me the amount of points that he bid, so its a win-win for everyone. Get rid of unwanted items, get items you want!

Check it out! You might be surprised at what is on there and most of it is free - most time shipping is free too!