Saturday, February 20, 2010

Scored at Fareway!

I was shopping at Fareway a week or so ago and noticed they carried Marcal products, I remember having some coupons for Marcal toilet paper. I never used the coupons from previous insert because I thought the only store that carried the brand was a town away. I wish I would have caught this earlier since I could have stocked up even more, unfortunately by the time I noticed this a bunch of them had already expired at the end of January!

Anyway, so the first time I went I had 6 coupons, (3) $1/1 any Marcal toliet paper product and (3) $2/1 any Marcal toliet paper product. They have the 4 roll packs at $1.19 as an everyday low price. I didn't think of picking up more than six, although I could have gotten 1 more pack and would of had an overage of $0.09. But I wasn't sure of Fareway's policy on overage and was hoping they would just give me the $1.89 overage. They stated that they don't give overage, but did get everything for free. I am glad I only use a small protion of these coupons.

I went back the next day and did my calculations before checking out. I ended up getting (15) 4 Packs of Marcal toilet paper for only $1.10. This trip I used (6) $1/1 and (6) $2/1 with the overage of the coupons I was able to get 3 more packs free as well. I only ended up paying $1.10 in tax. I think 21 (4packs) of toilet paper for $1.10 is a pretty good deal, don't you! I am defiantly stocked up on toilet paper for a while.