Monday, February 22, 2010

Where To Find Coupons

Printable Coupons - There are several places where you can find coupons, including, RedPlum, and Smartsource. You can also check out the links in the right side bar under "Coupon Sites", these are great sites to go for printable coupons.

Newsletters - You also might want visit websites of brands you purchase often and sign up for their newsletters. Most newsletters will contain coupons or money saving offers from time to time. They will sometimes send you coupons via postal mail as well.

Peelies - Every now and then product will have coupons attached to the packages, these are called peelies. You may find high value coupons as peelies and these usually don't expire for a good amount of time. Keep an eye out since you never now when there will be a great sale or price cut!

Magazines - Magazines are another great place to find coupons. All You Magazine, which is sold at Walmart, is a great resource for coupons. If you want to purchase All You Magazine I suggest getting a subscription since it will be more economical.

Sunday Papers - Usually filled with coupon inserts, the amount of coupon inserts will vary from week to week. Here are some of the inserts you may get in your Sunday newspaper:

Smart Source (SS)
Red Plum (RP)
Proctor & Gamble (PG)

There are sometimes “special” inserts, these inserts are put out by the following companies:

Unilver (UL)
Keebler (K)
General Mills (GM)

General Mills is the more frequent of the coupon insert compared to the other two. You may also notice that there will be 2 RedPlum or 2 SmartSource inserts, they are usually labeled: RP1, RP2, SS1, SS2. You will find Parade magazine, don't just toss it away, there are sometimes hidden coupons inside them.

You can pick up the Sunday Papers at the store everyday or you can get a subscription, the savings that you get from the coupons in the paper will pay for the subscription. If you can't afford the paper, ask your neighbors or friends for their coupon insert if they are just gonna toss them - and many people do throw them away!

Share Your Opinions with the Manufacture - Figure out the brands of products you use most often, then Google the manufactures website. Find the contact section and send them an email about how much you love their products!

I have done this and have received some great coupons, some where even for FREE products. If your local grocery store no longer accepts Internet coupons, this is a great way to let the manufacture know this occurrence is affecting how you purchase their products.

Blinkies - Have you ever seen those little machines with the red blinking lights? These are called blinkies and dispense coupons, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for them! Remember you don't have to use the coupons from blinkies at the store right away, save them for a sale, unless there's a sale going on when you find them.

TearPads - You can find these hanging off the shelf where you can just tear these coupons off. Rip off a couple, don't be greedy and take a bunch, there are other people that like to save some money too!

Store Coupons
- You can usually find store coupons in the stores weekly ad, pamphlets, fliers and even on their website. If you have a store coupon and a manufacture coupon for the same product you can "stack" them to save more - meaning you can use them together.

Product Packaging
- Before you toss the packaging out make sure you look it over for any coupons. They are sometimes found on the inside of boxes, behind labels, under lids, etc.

Free Samples - Are you one of the people that pass up free samples to avoid clutter? Did you know that coupons are usually sent with these free samples? If you like the product but don't want the clutter of free samples, keep the coupon and donate the samples! Not only are you helping others but you are avoiding clutter and getting savings.

Using your coupons on sales is the most effective way to save money, make sure to check clearance sections of stores, you may get items for free or almost free , if not for a rock bottom price!