Monday, September 27, 2010

Update - Sara Lee Toy Story Rebate

I'm sure you remember the Sara Lee Toy Story Rebate Offer, well due to overwhelming demand they ran out of supplies. They have been sending unopened envelopes back to customers stamped with "Return To Sender Stock Depleted". I sent mine in during the 3rd week of July. I checked the status of my order today and it states "In Process", I'm betting that means I will have my envelope sent back. To check on the status of your go to Sara Lee announced this on there Facebook and received quite a response, to say the least customers were not happy.

I am personally disappointed that they wouldn't prepare themselves with enough inventory when they are offering something that has been a big hit with both kids and adults for a decade or more. Not only that but Toy Story 3 was coming out in theaters while this promotion was going on. Least to say my son will be very saddened that he is not getting the lunch box he has been so patiently waiting for.

What are your thoughts on this? I normally buy whole wheat bread, but becuase of this promotion I was willing to put the wheat aside. I don't believe I would have bought nearly as much Sara Lee brand bread as I did if it wasn't for this rebate.