Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Walmart Revises Coupon Policy

A few weeks ago Walmart changed their Coupon Policy to allow overage which could be applied to the basket purchase or given as change. Finally, no more adjusting our coupons down to the price of the product. They also stated that they would allow Catalina's/Checkout Coupons from competitors, this seemed to include Register Rewards (RR's) from Walgreen's.

On March 16th they changed there policy once again. This time they excluded Register Rewards and Catalina's that are for dollars/cents off the entire basket purchase or percentage off the entire basket purchase. They, however, kept the overage on coupons part, surely I thought with this policy change they would have gotten rid of it. Not that it is a bad thing, it just seemed "to good to be true" when it comes to Walmart.

I see this policy change as a great thing. I don't know how many times I have bought items that fell under the face value of the coupon and then the managers would tell me that they have to adjust it down to the price of the product. I have a suspicion that since Target has a couple lawsuits against them for their computers having "glitches" and not properly deducting the coupon amount.

It is wrong for the store to adjust a coupon down to the price of the item. For example: If I purchased an item that cost $0.97 cents but I had a coupon for $1.00 off, I should get that $1.00 off. I say this becuase not only is the store going to be reimbursed for that $1.00 but they will also receive (normally) $0.08 for each coupon I redeem, so they are technically ahead of the game. Now take into account that if they reduced my coupon to $0.97 they would be cheating me out of $0.03, not a lot , right? Well say I had 20 coupons, that is $0.60. So here is the breakdown:

20 items @ $0.97 = $19.40
$19.40 x $0.07 (Sales Tax) = $1.36
$19.40 + $1.36= $20.76

Now lets say they adjusted your coupons down to $0.97, you would them only pay sales tax which is $1.36. But if they were to deduct the face value of the coupon your total would actually be $0.76. So that little bit of change actually helps in the long run.